GSO Test

'Success for all, in all we do'

Our New Friends

This week we had a special visitors from the South Pole...two penguins! The penguins arrived at our doors surrounded by ice but with no note or explanation. We discussed where they might have come from and what they might be called. 

Our penguin friends gave us the book 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers to read together. We explored the theme of friendship as we set off on a magical adventure on a boat to the South Pole.  

We had fun constructing igloos using sugar cubes and icing sugar. We had to work collaboratively to design and build strong and safe homes for the penguins.

In maths we have been collecting and counting out fish for the penguins to eat. We have also been matching numicon to different numbered penguins. We sequenced some familiar everyday routines such as getting ready for school and brushing our teeth as an introduction to time.

As you know, up until now we have been changing your child's reading book once a week. This was to enable all of us to become more familiar with the new Sounds Write reading programme. We also wanted to make sure that the children had the chance to develop their confidence in a new, more formal style of reading.

From next term, we will be changing their books twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure that you sign your child's Reading Record book when you have heard them read so that we know they are ready for a new book.

We will send home two books with every child next week to read over the Christmas holidays.


We will be holding our Christmas party next Tuesday 15th December. The children need to come in wearing their uniform as usual - we have made festive hats in class for the children to wear during the party.

Due to the current restrictions about sharing food, we would ask you all to just send in a small (nut-free) snack and a drink for your child to enjoy at the party. 

We break up for the Christmas holidays at 2pm on Thursday 17th December.