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Autumn Blog 5 Learning to look after each other


One of the most important things our Nursery children are learning at the moment is how to look after each other. This includes learning many of our Nursery rules, such as walking inside the classroom so that we don't bump into each other, lining up nicely and waiting to go outside so that nobody accidentally gets squashed, and sitting up beautifully with our legs crossed at carpet time, so that our friends don't trip over our legs. We are also encouraging the children to help each other with little jobs, so our taller children are pressing the soap dispenser and the taps for our smaller children who can't quite reach. We also have one boy who helps other children put their legs in position if they can't quite cross them, and helps others put their thumb up at carpet times if this is a movement they are still learning. We have children helping each other put their coats on and take their coats off. And we have children giving each other a hug, a handshake or a high five to cheer each other up. We are so proud of each and every one of our Nursery children for learning how to think of others and do small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness for their new friends.

We hope your wonderful children are helping you with little acts of kindness at home too.

The Nursery Team