GSO Test

'Success for all, in all we do'

Detailed writing in Year 5

We have had another terrific week in Year 5.  Miss Alabi has been helping by teaching in 5L and everyone has worked hard in all of our lessons.

Curriculum News

Both Coach Joe (Football) and Coach Levi (Basketball) were very impressed with the effort shown by the children in their PE lessons.  Our Ukulele lessons went very well and the children came up with their own rhymes to remembering the four strings (GCEA).

Voices in the Park

In English, we launched a new book: Voices in the Park, by Anthony Browne.  The children have loved exploring the first two 'voices' and how very different they are.  We have all been amazed by the quality and attention to detail in each of the illustrations.  We are excited to see what happens in the coming pages and what the different characters' voices sound like.

Maths continues to focus on place value and the number system. The children have worked hard to consolidate their understanding of reading, writing and constructing numbers to 100,000 and rounding these numbers to the nearest 10; 100; 1,000; 10,000 and 100,000.  Next week, we will start looking at numbers over 1,000,000 and Roman numerals.

Google Classroom

This week, the children have all been shown how to log in to their Google Classroom account. We have also spent time discussing the rules and expectations of posting to a shared group chat. The children have been reminded to keep their login details private and only share them with their 'trusted adults' at home.

In case anyone needs the class codes for our google classrooms these are below.

5L's Google Classroom class code is: 5kaklb4

5M's Google Classroom class code is: ueauo4r

School Council & Eco Committee Elections

A Home Learning task has been posted in Google Classroom they helps the children to prepare for the School Council and Eco Committee elections, which will be held on Thursday next week.

Reading Ambassadors

We are also looking for Reading Ambassador applications and guidance on how to apply has also been uploaded to Google Classroom. 

Recent Birthdays

Millie celebrated her birthday this week.

Reminders for next week:


Surprise, bonus PE session - please send your child to school in their PE kit.

Reading Logs checked - Please ensure they come in to school today


PE: Football with Coach Joe, please send your child to school in their PE kit.


Spelling test today (their, there, they're, your, you're)

Reading Logs checked - Please ensure they come in to school today


PE: Basketball with Coach Levi, please send your child to school in their PE kit.

Music: Ukulele lessons with Mrs Simmonds

School Council & Eco Committee elections today

Spelling words come home today


School closed for pupils - INSET Day for staff