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Nursery Autumn Blog 10 Twit Twoo


The children are becoming really creative in their imaginative play, and using the resources and activities that we set up very purposefully. At any one time we may have a group having a teddy bears' picnic on the carpet, another group in our indoor woods on a camping trip, a couple of children at the sand tray pretending that the stones they find buried are gold and treasure, and another group outside engaged in a superhero role play. We have continued to learn more about woods, and this week we have focussed on owls. We looked at information books and videos about owls, then pretended to be owls hatching out of our eggs, and growing from baby owls with downy feathers to keep us warm, to grown up owls with flight feathers. The children again did really well in this week's drawing lesson, which was of course to draw an owl. As it is December, we also started to get ready for Christmas by decorating our tree. As you can imagine the children were very excited to help.