GSO Test

'Success for all, in all we do'

Rib Tickling Fun!

This week our focus text has been Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. The children really enjoyed hearing about the skeleton family's exploits through the dark, dark town and made up actions to go with some of the story.

We learnt about our own skeletons and thought about why we might have them. Layla from Conkers declared that without them we would be "all bendy and floppy" and Zack informed everyone that "all humans have them inside."

We also looked at x-ray pictures, learnt the Skeleton Dance and built our own dark, dark town.  In art we made skeletons by cutting out and arranging the characters from Funnybones in the right order and also built our own ones using white straws.

In maths we used positional language to describe where our class teddy was sitting, to follow the instructions for drawing and to tell our partner where to put their hands (e.g. on their head, under their feet, behind their backs).


We will be changing your child's reading and story book once a week on Tuesdays. (This will increase in frequency once all the children have developed confidence and fluency with their reading.)

Please send your child's reading book in every day so that they are available for us when we want to listen to them read. (We will endeavour to listen to each child read once a week.)