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Summer Term Y4 Learning from Home Activities Week beginning 18th May

Hello year 4,

We hear that you have had another wonderful week at home learning, which we can clearly see by the photographs that have been sent in! So many of you had such a lovely day celebrating VE Day and creating your pet jelly fish. We continue to be so proud of the effort that you put into your home learning – keep going!

We would also like to give a ‘shout out’ to parents and carers for their support. Nothing prepared us for this uncertainty, so  thank you to all who are rescheduling your days and encouraging your child to do their very best with their home learning (as well as trying to get your work done as well!). So, year 4 remember to say a big thank you to your parents for helping you too!

Wishing you a safe and happy week,

Miss Rees, Mrs Yorke & Mr Deveson

Shout Outs!



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