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Summer Term Year 4- Learning from Home- Week beginning 29th June 2020

Hello Year 4,

What amazing weather we have been having recently – it definitely puts you in a good mood doesn’t it?! We hope you’ve had plenty of time to spend in the sun (wearing plenty of sun protection obviously!).

We hope that you are all continuing to enjoy the Learning from Home activities and are not missing us too much! Keep sending your work into us at If you email us some photos of your work then we will make sure that you get a personal feedback email at least once a week. 

Both of us (Mrs Rees and Mrs Yorke) are working at school during the week and teaching pupils in other year groups - we wish we could have you all back but there just isn't enough space! The Year 1 bubbles are in our Y4 classrooms now!  

Once again we are very proud of the effort that you continue to put into your learning Year 4 – keep going!

Science week

Unfortunately we are unable to celebrate Science Week in school. Luckily, BBC Bitesize Daily have put together some fantastic science videos so make sure to check them out here. Why not have a go at conducting your own experiment? Don’t forget to send in some photos if you do!

We hope you have a wonderful week,

Miss Rees and Mrs Yorke


Learning from Home:

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Learning resources:

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Maths worksheets and answers:


Cressida Cowell reading Chapters 5 and 6::


Cressida Cowell reading Chapters 7:

Cressida Cowell reading Chapters 8:

Cressida Cowell reading Chapters 9:

Mr Benserghin's Spanish video:

Mr Searle's music video: