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Year 1 Blog 23rd October

What a fantastic start to Year One! 

This week in maths, children have been learning how to use number lines to find more or less of a number. They have been using their number knowledge to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills too! We have been encouraging them to explain their answers.

In English, children predicted how they thought the Wizard of Oz book ends. They were practising planning their sentences aloud on their fingers before writing them, to help them identify where the punctuation belongs. They have been looking forward to finding out the real conclusion of the story! 

During their music lessons with Sarah Newell, children have been learning how to keep the beat. They have been in singing, drumming and shaking groups and performed a final piece about the Handa's Surprise story- see the video below! 

Year 1 concluded their exciting Splendid Skies topic by reflecting on everything that they had learnt and shared their favourite new facts. For our Express Event, children made their own windmills. They tested them out in our garden hub and observed the strength of the wind!

After half-term, we will have 2 student teachers joining us until December. They will primarily be based in 1 Beech class, but may on occasion work with 1 Ash class too. 

We have been so impressed by the way the children have adjusted to returning to school and being in a new year group. They have settled into their news routines quickly, and been engaged with their learning. After a busy half term, they deserve a well-earnt rest!

Have a happy and safe half term,

Mrs Yorke and Miss Marshall

Express Event- Windmills



Music Videos: