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You Choose!

This week we have been exploring the book 'You Choose' by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart in both our play and in our English lessons. We have had some exciting conversations about where we would like to travel to; where we would like to live and who we would choose to be our friends. The children had some interesting explanations for their choices!

Safaa chose the ghost and the vampire to be her friends because "I want them to come to my house and watch TV with me." Alfie chose a superhero so that he "could rescue people that were in danger!"

In maths we have been looking at the different ways that we can sort objects and also learning how to compare these objects. We have played games such as Spot the Difference to find the odd one out and Guess my Rule, where the children had to work out why we were sorting different objects out into particular groups.

We have also been taking a closer look at Autumn by examining conkers, leaves, pine cones and other autumnal objects with magnifying glasses. The children have enjoyed hunting for more autumnal objects in our outdoor area to add to our nature tables.

Linked to our story 'You Choose' we have been making our own creations in the art area - designing our own headwear - from birthday hats to crowns fit for a king!


Please remember to make sure all of your child's clothing is labelled. This will help prevent any items getting misplaced or lost.

Thank you for those of you who joined us for our Phonics Workshop this week. If you were unable to make it, the session was recorded and is now available on our website.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and will see you for more adventures on Monday!

Best wishes,

Miss Gomes and Miss Becker