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Remembering Past Pupils

Donell Alleyne Cup

22/03/2001 - 10/08/2012 

In memory of Donell Alleyne, who sadly lost his life following an asthma attack at home, we continue to celebrate and commemorate Donell’s life at Fircroft by giving an award each year in his name. Donell was well-known as a person who loved sport and in particular, football.

The aim of this very special award is keep Donell’s memory alive at Fircroft and to celebrate and promote sporting attitudes and achievements.

When nominating candidates, the staff are encouraged to refer to the following criteria:

  • D – determination and courage
  • O – outstanding sporting achievements in one or more sports
  • N – nurturing others & encouraging team spirit
  • E – enthusiasm and energy
  • L – love of sport
  • L – legacy to inspire and motivate other children at Fircroft!

Donell Alleyne Sports Award Cup

Imani Green Mosaic

03/12/2004 to 11/01/2013

In memory of Imani Green, who died tragically, we have a beautiful mosaic in our Junior playground.  This wonderful piece of art was created by her classmates in conjunction with The Mosaic Studio.  All children who were in Imani’s Year group at the time contributed to the design of a mosaic.  The children’s ideas were cleverly turned into what we hope remains a bright, colourful, lasting memory of Imani and her positive impact on the Fircroft family.

Imani Green Mosaic

Heather Bowden-Page

18/03/2006 to 01/01/2018

In memory of Heather-Bowden Paige, who died tragically in a plane crash, we have a plaque in our new library.  Heather’s family and friends generously donated to our new library fund, and our purple colour scheme and Harry Potter decorations were selected with Heather in mind. Our new library officially opened in June 2019.

Heather Bowen-Page Memorial