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Tapestry (Nursery and Reception)

What is Tapestry?

In our Nursery and Reception classes at Fircroft, we use an online learning platform called Tapestry.  

Tapestry is a brilliant website and app which records, tracks and allows us to share your child’s learning with you during their time in Nursery and Reception.

What do you use it for?

We use Tapestry to record observations, comments and photos to show progress across the Early Years Foundation Stage, this is in addition to other forms of assessment.

We will also use Tapestry in the case of a 'bubble' needing to self-isolate. Tapestry allows teachers to share videos and activities easily.  Teachers will set challenges and tasks for pupils to complete at home, and parents/carers can respond back to staff so we can see how they’re getting on. Teachers can then feedback to parents/carers and adapt future lessons/activities based on parent observations.

How do I get Tapestry?

Parents will be able to access their child’s Learning Journey from a computer via or by using the ‘Tapestry’ App on mobile devices. You will only have access to your child’s journal and this cannot be seen by other parents.

Is it safe?

Yes, Tapestry is as safe as online banking and is used widely by nurseries and primary schools across the UK. The safeguarding of our pupils is very important to us. Tapestry is a GDPR compliant company using secure servers in the UK to store data. These servers conform to very high safety standards and are proactively managed by a central security team. 

All data held on our Tapestry account is owned by Fircroft Primary School; we are registered controllers of data and are bound by the Data Protection Act. Photographs stored on our devices cameras are deleted on a regular basis by members of staff. Further information regarding the security of tapestry is available to view on their website.

What about consent?

Tapestry requires basic information to set up your child's account e.g. your child’s year group and name. The school (as the data controller) ensures that we share only the personal data that the service needs to work and we do not need parent permission for this.

We do however need parent permission if you would like us to set up a Tapestry account for a parent/carer so that you are able to access your child’s learning journey. Please see our privacy statement for more information.

Parent user agreement

Once a parent account is set up, it is crucial that parents/carers do not share photos or videos from your child’s account on social media or through other online platforms. The photographs/videos taken and uploaded to Tapestry by the school are the property of Fircroft Primary School and you do not have permission to upload them onto any website on the internet. We ask that you protect the images of your own and other people’s children by viewing and using them carefully.

Any incidents where this confidentiality is broken will be dealt with very seriously and may result in your access to the system being withdrawn. 

What happens at the end of EYFS?

At the end of the academic year, we make it possible for parents with a Tapestry account to download a PDF copy of their child's learning journey. It's a great celebration of their learning in our EYFS! 

Tapestry’s website is a great place to find out more information and videos: